Communication is the foundation of all relationships. Being personal or professional, relationships cannot be created without an effective communication. But when it comes to business, communication is more important. Communication is the pillar on which are built professional relationships. If a business wants to have a maximum profit, then it is essential to establish healthy relationships with clients, partners and employees. And this is done through communication.

Whenever we watch a movie, listen music or read books or an article in media we have a feeling telling us whether we were happy or not with that product. Not rarely we are disappointed how copyrighter has communicated the message of its artwork or idea. Not a few ideas have failed due to misrepresentation.

With few words their communication has failed and now their artwork belongs to disgraceful past.  “The most valuable commodity I know of is information” – this sentence is attributed to Gordon Gekko – the main character of the movie “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”, portrayed by actor Michael Douglas.

This finding clearly demonstrates the importance of communication in business and the value of exchanging the information. Communication is the link between knowledge and information. Knowledge is less useful if it’s not converted into information. For this reason, only knowledge is not sufficient for managerial success. Combination of communications skills and knowledge is essential nowadays. Miss communication is often the main reason for many problems.

In the era of information every day we send, receive and process a large number of information.  But communication is more than just exchanging the information. An effective communication can improve relations between parties strengthening personal relations with others in a team work, in the decision-making process and problem-solving. This enables communications of even negative or hard messages in a way without having conflicts or loosing trust.

Effective communication is vital to every owner, manager and associate in a business or organization. The success of any enterprise depends on many factors but one of the key elements of the work is the way communication is done with the client, staff or associates. Mode of communication can make the difference between reaching an agreement or losing it.

Communication in business is a process that never ends as it has to do with the constant exchange of information. With the expansion of businesses or growth of organizations, the need for effective and continuous communication grows, employees and customers should be quicly and accurately informed about developments within the company or organization.

Effective communication combines a number of skills including non-verbal communication, focused listening, the ability to manage stress in key moments, as well as capacity to know and understand your emotion and the person’s with whom you communicate. Communication in business is more important for the survival and growth of the company or organization.

This enables owners, managers and leaders of companies to have proper control and coordination, which makes a company or organization more effective in implementing the goals and tasks. Communication serves as the basis of every aspect of the business. Therefore, it can be said that effective communication is the foundation of an organization.