By Ardian Jashari – Managing Partner in MDA

Most of the times, young entrepreneurs want to do business but they don’t know what’s the way to go. This assumption, or better say, this equation with multiple unknowns, made me look back 13 years ago – in 2001, when I, as a young entrepreneur in age and experience, had a great deal of my own assumptions as to what path I should follow.

Thirteen years after, I can say that now I know what an individual would need and how could successfully face the adventures of doing business. This year, with the founding partners and many other employees, we marked the 14th anniversary of Management Development Associates, or as we are known in the public, with the acronym MDA. For a moment we looked back in the start-up period of our business, in 2001, when we wanted to establish a business but we didn’t have the slightest idea what would an adventure like that mean for us.

But, we agree that we didn’t make a mistake in establishing our company. Management Development Associates now has built the reputation of a professional company with a specialized staff and strong internal capacities to implement projects in various fields.

Some time ago a good friend of mine asked me which are MDA’s strong points? Surprised with the question, I stepped back and looked him in the eye. I started to think of many strong points, but in fact I couldn’t prioritize any. While I left my friend without a response, I decided to put out on a paper the priorities of our company. Although there are many key features, I decided to put down and elaborate only five (5) of them.

I will tell my friend that he can read about that in this edition of MDA’s magazine.

Below he can find the answer to his question.

1) Management style without supervision

MDA company has divided up the management from its owners. Beside the upper management, which takes care of the overall management of the company, an important part are also Heads of Divisions, who perform business development and project management within relevant divisions. While, other managers are engaged in leading the company’s projects. All these managers are supported continuously from other staff members.

At MDA prevails the cooperation spirit and team work. All the staff enjoys the successes and experiences difficulties together. This way of working is embedded in the company’s DNA from the very beginning.


2) Result-oriented

MDA company is fully result-oriented. Company management each year prepares strategic and operational plans. These plans are monitored quarterly. Comparisons are made each year with the approved plan. Also, annual strategic objectives of the company are projected. This facilitates our work because we all know where we stand, where we want to go and how we will achieve this.

3) Focus in long term projects

In the first years of its functioning, the company did not have strategic orientation. Every client that knocked in the door with any demand, we responded with great enthusiasm in offering requested solution, even in cases when demand was for extremely quick and urgent actions. But later we realized that we cannot continue like this.

Company needs stability and we need to achieve sustainable results and long-term impact in our work. So we decided to focus our forces in long-term projects.

We decided to work with our clients starting from planning, designing and implementation of activities, monitoring, evaluation and at the end happily writing final reports summarizing the achieved results.

4) Offering solutions for clients

We have never forgotten that our clients keep alive our business. Therefore, we treat them like kings. We think like them, work together to achieve defined objectives from them and we feel part of them. As a result, they feel good. This leads them to request our services again.

5) Staff recruitment

We have paid special attention to staff recruitment in our company. We recruit people that adapt easily with the philosophy of our business and who stay away from personal egos. In our company we offer professional people who are not eager for positions and job titles, but who are dedicated to team work and who are ready to learn from each other. In our business cards, we only write names, while the titles are missing. MDA is a big family where everyone takes care of each other.

While writing these five points, I was reminded of many other things to write for. Each of them is linked with the above-mentioned. But, this time I leave it here.