In a meeting organized by Labor Inspectorate in cooperation with the Economic Chambers of Kosova – organized as part of the awareness campaign with the moto “Everyone benefits from safe and legal work” – the Labor Inspectorate met representatives of companies in Pristina. They were informed that this campaign aims raising awareness of employers and employees for the importance of implementing the law on health and safety at work and the labor law.

In this meeting the head the Labor Inspectorate, Mr. Basri Ibrahimi said that the labor inspectorate aims to make aware employers and employees on their obligations and rights, and to cooperate in improving conditions and respecting rights derived from working contract. Mr. Ibrahimi also stressed that the Labor Inspectorate’s primary aim is not to penalize employers, but to make sure that the latter will create safety and health conditions of work, while all employees will enjoy full rights defined with legal acts and regulations of Republic of Kosovo.  Mr. Ibrahimi noted that “safety and good health at work as well as formal work enable working without stress, increase motivation and effectiveness at work”.

The chief-inspector spoke for many irregularities faced during inspection by Labor Inspectorate. During 2014 the Labor Inspectorate made over 9 thousand inspections, and over 2,700 warning for employers were made and 170 of them who didn’t responded were fined. “These warnings and fines were made because employers are not creating safe conditions for workers. Moreover, we have noticed many employees without contract and this is something that we are working to eliminate,” said Mr. Ibrahimi. He warned employers that the deadline for ensuring that all employees have working contracts will not be postponed, but they will be fined when the first inspection is made.

The discussion was attended also by deputy head of Labor Inspectorate Mr. Agim Millaku, which explained in details safety and health violations in workplaces. Representatives of Labor Inspectorate expressed their readiness to cooperate with various businesses to facilitate them implementation of the law in these two fields.

On the other hand, representatives of businesses welcomed the initiative of Labor Inspectorate for the awareness campaign and pointed out the importance of sensitizing businesses for health and safety at work. According to them it is crucial to establish reciprocity relations between employers and employees, which will define rights and obligations of both sides.