Team work is essential part of a business; colleagues need to work together with each other trying to do the best. In MDA every work is done in the team and always ends successfully; moreover, it is a testimony of a proverb that says “unity is strength”.

In modern era many services or final products are made as a result of team work, where every member is directly responsible with the success or failure of product or service. Hence team work is very important for every business and organization because its success depends very much from collegial relationship among the staff.

Team work includes people of different profiles and groups, which work together to achieve a common goal. Bringing together in a team people from different parts of the project, makes much easy to avoid problems or barriers at work. As there is a problem, the whole team deal with it and the work can continue faster than when only a person is dealing with it.

The Europe Week, organized by EU Office in Kosovo in cooperation with MDA is a good example of a team work in MDA. During this event, there are so many activities of various nature so it is impossible just one person to deal with it. Due to professional cooperation among MDA colleagues, where everyone tried to give maximum, the activities were implemented in the best possible way.

Some companies use the team work to create a working environment that helps increasing creativity. These companies sometime base their corporative structure almost fully in team work. To be capable to work in a productive way within a team is one of the most important aspects to achieve success in a business environment. It is crucial to increase creativity in workplace, to improve the quality of work, and to encourage healthy and productive relationships among employees.

Teams can finish work quicker and in more effective way than when it is done individually; also team work motivates employees to be more responsible to each other, raising also the level of motivation. One of the biggest obstacles in achieving the goal during team work is that sometimes sharing of the work colleagues is not done properly and the objectives set cannot be fulfilled.

Everyone wants to feel it has something important to do, so one should be careful when sharing work with other, making sure that the work was organized well and the roles were clearly defined with directives and concrete goals. Team members should understand which is their role in terms of meeting final objectives and understand how their role is crucial to achieve this. Hereafter employees will be happier and will bring a better working environment within the company or organization.