The dangers that social media platforms carry for young people today are many and real. As they spend more time on Instagram, Snap Chat, Tik Tok the risks become more evident.

K.Zh. and E.R. are two 15-year-old girls. They always stay together and attend a high school in the outskirts of Tirana. Both girls admit to being threatened on Instagram and WhatsApp by strangers. This situation has also had an effect on other girls in the class. None of the girls had spoken about it until the awareness campaign against trafficking in human beings was undertaken by UNICEF Albania in cooperation with the Management and Development Associates (MDA). Teachers, parents and psychologists who participated in these meetings strongly raised the need for young people to talk to their parents, teachers, school psychologists, police structures, social workers and municipal child protection units about these issues.

The school psychologists emphasised the importance of these meetings for their students in order for them not to remain silent with regard to the phenomenon but to have the courage to report such cases, and follow up the chain of referral mechanisms. The young people themselves said that informing them is as equally important as informing their families on preventing the phenomenon.