By Florina Salihu, Managing Partner and Head of Communications Division

The perception of many people in Kosovo for a long time has been that MDA provides consulting services focused mainly on training. It is worth noting that MDA has started its services 14 years ago, but over the years has expanded very well in other areas, especially in the field of communication services.

Communication Division Associates (CDA) is one of the most profitable divisions within MDA, whose annual turnover this year has reached more than 1.5 million euros, which is considered a great success for our market in Kosovo.

Most of this turnover comes from existing customers.

This is accomplished with an extremely great team work. I am grateful that during these years, I was lucky to work with great people, without whose support the achievement of this annual turnover would be completely impossible.

Additionally, there are some practices that we have applied that contributed substantially to the success of the division. One of the most important practices is proper treatment of existing customers.

Now the question is: “How to make sure that the costumer will come back to us again?”. A colleague of mine, as a joke, used a sentence which all of us have heard at least one time: “eh, jon do gjona…” (in English, “there are a few things…”)

Now I will explain what those things (“gjona”) are based on my experience so far in providing services, “things” which are practiced by CDA staff and that have been proven to be successful.

Please take into consideration that I am referring mainly to services rather than products mainly due to my experience in this field.

First of all, I will focus on the treatment rule: MDA always treats its clients in the best possible way. This means that we realize that the clients are our priority and we strive to maintain excellent relationships with them. I have to say, with regret, that in our society there is a tendency that as soon as we get to know our client better and get some credibility for a job well done, we expect “understanding” by our client if we don’t offer the service or product in a timely fashion or if we don’t offer proper quality. I am putting this word in quotation marks because it is completely wrong to think in that way.