In 2013 MDA foundation opened the door for Ad Box company, which started its activity in Pristina municipality and plans to expand in other cities of Kosovo, too.

The idea of Agon Pajaziti and Fisnik Sopi was among most preferred proposals by MDA foundation panel. These two young entrepreneurs from Pristina, supported by foundation, have managed to turn their idea into a promising business.

Their company Ad Box, which was developed in the incubator of MDA foundation, started placing mailboxes and advertising spaces in collective buildings, initially in Pristina and later they will continue doing this in all Kosovo cities. Initially Agon and Fisnik planned to put names on the doors of apartments. But while developing their idea they thought of placing mailboxes in the entrance of collective apartments. In order to be more profitable, owners of the company thought to add also advertising spaces. Ad Box company will also maintain mailboxes.

“The incomes of Ad Box will depend from advertising spaces and distribution of promotional leaflets,” said Agon Pajaziti of Ad Box company.

According to owners, Ad Box was designed to offer a service which exists all over the world, but which was not present in Kosovo. Through Ad Box services the loss of bills and other documents brought from postman to residents will be minimized. “Moreover the advertising space will enable citizens to be informed for any service or product they may need,” added Fisnik Sopi, co-owner of the company.

Following its presence in collective buildings in Pristina within 1 to 3 years, Ad Box will continue to expand its services in other cities of Kosovo.

Ad Box company is equipped with licenses from many municipal assemblies in Kosovo cities that allow placing of mailboxes and advertising spaces.