Private Sector Development

Our long exposure in the Kosovo and regional markets has streamlined the services we provide to the private sector….(read more)

Public Finance Management

Over the course of 15 years, we have implemented nearly 100 technical assistance and large-scale projects that have positively impacted the growth and consolidation of the public sector in Kosovo…(read more)

Social Services Decentralization

As a means to enabling more inclusive and fiscally sustainable social services, we continually strive to offer services in the field of social care…(read more)

Communication Services

The successful track record of MDA in offering communication services extends to over 100 small and large scale implemented projects…(read more)

Public Administration Reform

MDA has a successful track record of working with diverse local and international partners to lead and manage public administration reform projects…(read more)

Job Creation, Employability and Matching

Through various interventions in the labor market, we work closely with a wide range of stakeholders to increase youth employability, develop viable labor market-matching mechanisms and help the private sector create sustainable jobs…(read more)