MDA provides a full-range of sophisticated export support services.

We know how to deal with the challenges behind the export market entry process. We assess, plan and execute all related activities such as researching, preparing and entering the export market and helping you to maintain your export-market implementation process in the long run.

We provide the following services:

Export readiness assessment – multilateral evaluation that evaluates the company’s and its products’ strengths and weaknesses and whether it is ready to export.

Market Selection – comprehensive and detailed market research that helps the company in shortlisting potential export countries. We will utilize our proprietary Business Intelligence Data platform for gaining crucial information on international markets.

Export Strategy Formulation and Market Entry Plan – We design a road map for success in export markets, with actionable tasks that allows your management team to effectively implement all internal and external activities needed while also getting the best export results.

In-Market Decision-making and export strategy implementation – MDA possesses the necessary infrastructure for provide a full range of implementation services, which will take the burden of executing the export strategy off the company management, and allowing you to focus on your core competencies.


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