03 June
In just six months, 5050 young people, teachers, parents, psychologists, and representatives of the local authorities participated in UNICEF Albania’s awareness campaign against human trafficking, organized in collaboration with MDA.
Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, four teams of local facilitators were established, each with two members, holding various meetings and activities in 85 schools and 17 municipalities in Albania, actively talking to 5050 people to inform them about human trafficking and raise awareness about the phenomenon.
According to Alsenja Demaliaj, one of the facilitators, “It was a unique experience for me. We met many people, students and young people, school principals, psychologists, staff from Child Protection Units, parents and community members. We are deeply gratified to have met such kind and compassionate people who welcomed us with open arms.”
During the structured activities, participants were open and diligent in their pursuit of new knowledge, and fully engaged in developing concrete ideas and suggestions for individual or community responses to the phenomenon of human trafficking.
Building trust-based relationships with all the students and youth involved, as well as their willingness and request to revisit their institutions, has served as motivation and inspiration throughout the campaign. On behalf of the team we would like to thank all 5050 people who participated in this campaign.