Hundreds of visitors, including well-known public figures, attended the opening ceremony of the new premises of fitness and athletic center Fivestar in Grand Hotel in Prishtina. This is the third premises of this high quality fitness center in the capital.

The owners expressed their great pleasure with number of visitors in the new center, which will be managed by professional trainers with long experience in this industry.

Fivestar in hotel Grand has an area of 1000 m2 and 120 modern equipment with international standards. As already known, Fivestar always brings innovation. This time, the innovation is the application of the system “Queenax Functional Training”, which is the first gym system that uses all the space – floor, walls, ceiling and open spaces. It is the perfect combination to improve strength and mobility.

“Prishtina needs fitness and athletics centers that provide services and premium services, which one could not find anywhere in the region. Seeing that our customers are very interested and satisfied with our work, we decided that after opening Fivestar in Dragodan and Sunny Hill, it’s time to bring our fitness center in downtown Pristina. In this way our customers will have easier and faster access in the fitness center, even before or after the work,” says Fabian Rrecaj, head coach of Fivestar.

The new Fivestar center in Pristina will work 24/7 and will offer high quality services, that enable increased physical and health care. Consumers will be able to use equipment of global giant Precor, which have the digital module to count exercising units and measure the time breaks. The new technology enables direct connection with Preva application, which allows regular monitoring of movements and exercises, of burned calories and to follow direct results in the online platform in internet. Also this application enables customers to create their network with friends worldwide, challenging each other and their results in the monitor, motivating each other with continuous improvements.

Since first opening of the fitness and athletic center Fivestar in Pristina, owners have invested around 2,5 million euro and have opened dozens working places. Beside opening the new center in hotel Grand, owners aim to open Fivestar centers in the near future in other towns of Kosovo, too.

With the opening of the new center in Pristina and its premium services, Fivestar is returning the hotel Grand five starts that were missing recently.

The opening ceremony of this center was organized by MDA.