There are few cases when children with disabilities and with severe and multiple damages are offered opportunities to have fun outside their families and schools, and socialize with the surrounding environment.

But in the framework of “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)”, MDA in cooperation with the kids center “Jete o Jete”, for almost two hours provided the opportunity to a group of kids with disabilities to play with toys in a colorful environment accompanied by music and Snow White, and to taste different foods.

Blerina Halilaj, psychologist at the Resource Center for Counseling and Learning works with children with disabilities and with severe and multiple damages. She says that similar activities like this one organized by MDA and Jete o Jete helps children to socialize with other environments except the school, and to learn many things by touching them.

“In this way they develop their adaptation and socializing skills. Our aim is to help them to be independent and educated, so that in the future they could be able to act independently, at least for their personal needs.  As a school we have our activities, but with the support of our partnerts, like MDA and Jete o Jete, we are trying to entertain children in other ways, too” says psychologist Blerina Halilaj.

Since 2012 MDA has created a special fund to contribute voluntarily and actively with the aim of improving social, economical and environmental conditions in the country. The main principle of the programme “Corporate Social Responsibility” is to built a better society through different activities, like this one with children with disabilities. Similar activities were organized with children from Down Syndrome Kosova and SOS Children’s Villages, while in the framework of this programme MDA will continue different lectures and trainings for students of the University of Pristina.