Hamit Qeriqi, research expert in MDA

Market research is extremely important to be successful in the development of ideas, services or products. A business cannot be successful unless there isn’t sufficient and reliable information regarding the needs of customers, competitors and its industry. Market research also helps in reducing the risk of a business, in the early identification of existing problems that may occur meanwhile, as well as in improving performance against competitors.

We in MDA help our customers to be successful in this regard. In recent years we have got the trust of some of the most renowned clients in the private sector to do market research, namely to collect data and to interpret such information, using reliable methods and techniques. MDA has been selected to carry out research for the needs of commercial banks such as Raiffeisen Bank, National Commercial Bank (BKT), NLB Prishtina and Private Bank for Business (BPB), as well as for big companies in Kosovo such as IPKO, Viva Fresh Store and others.

With the banking sector we have implemented a big number of research projects by applying the “mystery shopping” method, by which is measured the quality of services delivered to customers and other aspects of business operations. Also a number of projects were implemented focusing in measuring customer’s satisfaction with the services or products of different companies.

The methods used in these researches are diverse, including personal interviews with customers, interviews by telephone and personal interviews assisted with computer. Lately, with the NLB Prishtina bank such a methodology was developed by the famous company Growth from Knowledge (GfK), in the framework of market research for NLB branches in several European countries, while MDA was selected to do such research in Kosovo.

What distinguishes MDA from other companies in the field of research is its flexibility to adapt to customers’ requirements and commitment of staff to use methods and advanced technology, to collect and process data in safer and more reliable way for the client. Through the use of tablet and software, we do data entry in the database using an online platform that eliminates the possibility of errors such as double entry of data, lack of data, valid data entry etj. Beside private sector, MDA has expanded its work in the field of research with international organizations. GIZ has funded research on the identification of administrative services offered by the Ministry of Public Administration, for the needs of the latter, and currently we are doing a research for Ministry of Trade and Industry funded by KOSME to identify Kosovar companies that export to neighboring countries. Also MDA team was contracted by IOM to conduct a research on the situation of minorities who were displaced to European countries after the war, and were repatriated in the period between 2011-2015.