With the certification ceremony, today in the municipality of Gjilan ended the project “Valorization of traditional trade and social potential of municipal economies in Çair and Gjilan”. This project, financed by European Commission, aimed to offer great support to craftsmen in various forms, in order to preserve inherited craft.

On behalf of MDA company, the executive director Mr. Rinor Gjonbalaj, said that the work done with craftsmen will be unforgettable.

“We have worked with this group of excellent craftsmen in Gjilan. They’re the most special group we have worked with after the war; they’re so dedicated in their work. This is a group which preserves cultural values and creates new job opportunities,” said Gjonbalaj.

Mayor of Gjilan municipality, Mr.Lutfi Haziri was also present in this event. “This project supported by European Commission in the municipality of Gjilan and Çair, aims to valorize crafts and traditional values, supporting as much as possible craftsmen in various forms, to preserve the inherited craft. We are aiming to create space for our heritage by absorbing our common values. Heritage doesn’t belong to an individual, group or ethnicity, but it is common and it belongs nations wherever they are, because these values that you work for and preserve, are human values. These values faced big challenges during the life, but now there will be better conditions and more opportunities. Today grant criteria will be published and these grants will guarantee more opportunities for crafts development in Gjilan,” said in his speech mayor Haziri, announcing that in the future this program, which is now in the first phase, will be further extended.

Haziri, accompanied from deputy major and directors of municipal departments, provided training certificates to more than 50 craftsmen of different profiles.

On behalf of craftsmen Shyqëri Sahatçiu thanked the municipality and the European Commission for great support given to that at this stage, vowing that craftsmen will work harded to preserve and further develop these highly valued crafts.