The Labour Inspectorate in Kosovo has managed to have more efficient monitoring and to better implement laws and regulations in the field of health and safety at work, thanks to the project “Support to Labour Inspectorate”, financed by EU and implemented by an international consortium led by MDA.

The main objective of this project was to improve the legal compliance of employers with the Labour Law and the Law on Health and Safety at Work, in order to improve health and safety of workers in private and public sector, in accordance with EU legislation (EU Asquis).

The project started two years ago and now it’s in the final stage. Its leaders are satisfied with the successes, noting that expectations were exceeded. According to the project director Driton Dalipi the organizational structure of the Labour Inspectorate is now more efficient, which has helped to improve the services of the institution. Also five bylaws were drafted in line with EU legislation, which have helped the staff of the Labour Inspectorate in developing new skills.

In the framework of the project, the new informative system was designed, which significantly facilitates the work of Inspectorate in collecting and processing data from the field.

“We have designed the software, which enables them to have updated data on the number of registered workers, on paid taxes by respective businesses and other data, which has helped inspectors to perform audits more quickly and to be able to enter data in the database from the field”, said Dalipi.

“Support to Labour Inspectorate” project was foreseen to end in October, but it will continue until April 2016, so that the staff of Inspectorate can be trained to use the new informative system. In this way, the labour inspectors will be able to audit more employers and address more complains of employees.

“The biggest achievement of this project is that the Labour Inspectorate now has the possibility to plan better its work and be more efficient in the ground,” says project director Driton Dalipi from MDA.

Beside this project, the Labour Inspectorate will receive additional assistance from EU funds (Instrument of Pre-Accession IPA), for full compliance of labour legislation with the one of the European Union.