More than 400 young people from the secondary schools in the areas of Fushe-Arrez and Mat participated in the ongoing awareness raising campaign on the trafficking of human beings, undertaken by UNICEF Albania in cooperation with Management and Development Associates (MDA).

School psychologists emphasised the importance of the campaign meetings for their students, so that they are not silenced if faced with such cases, but are encouraged to report them, following the chain of available referral mechanisms. The young people acknowledged that the information provided to them and their families is very important in preventing the phenomenon.

Valbona H., psychologist of the ‘Ilia Qiqi’ nine-year school in the city of Burrel, reported that the young people in her school were willing to organise other meetings, as they have become increasingly interested in being involved in campaigns for various causes of public interest.

The awareness campaign against trafficking in human beings continues its journey in four regions of Albania: Diber, Kukes, Shkoder and Tirana.