Management & Development Associates in late October ended the three-year management of EU Information and Cultural Centre (EUICC) in Pristina and Mitrovica North, a project funded by the European Union. Both centers have provided information on the European Union, its institutions and policies, Kosovo – EU relations and European integration process of Kosovo.

In past three years, EUICC was visited by thousands of people who have requested information about educational opportunities in the EU, the European Union financial assistance for the development of Kosovo etc. In addition, the EU Information and Cultural Centre in Pristina and the one in North Mitrovica have successfully organized hundreds of events – including Europe Day activities – which aimed to raise awareness and knowledge of the public, especially the youth on costs and benefits of EU integration process. Center has also organized cultural activities such as art exhibitions, film screenings and other cultural activities related to the EU.

An important part of EUICC activities were children, who were engaged in various activities like educational workshop on drafting short stories, presentation of initiatives for environmental protection, competition for best artistic work on environment and health, lectures on healthy eating, lectures on basic knowledge about the EU, Europe Day concerts etc.

Besides the organization of activities, the EU Information and Cultural Centre has also hosted a series of events related to the European Union organized by the EU Office/EUSR, Member States, the EU funded projects but also various NGOs. Students, journalists and other interested citizens could also use the internet corner and reading corner for free. The EUICC library has also facilitated students’ access in some of the most important publications of the European Commission translated into local languages.

The EU Information and Cultural Centre’s management for three years in a row by MDA demonstrates the company’s success in this project and good cooperation with the EU Office. MDA has 14 years’ experience in implementation of various projects in communications and other areas for local and international donors.