In continuation of the program “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)”, MDA and the kids center “Jete o Jete” organized two activities with children of Down Syndrome Kosova organization and SOS Children’s Villages in Kosovo.

These events are part of MDA’s program to contribute in the community. This time events were organized in cooperation with the entertainment center for kids, youth and family members “Jete o Jete”, which is located in the shopping center Çarshia in Marigona Residence.

Around 20 children of Down Syndrome Kosova, had the opportunity to have fun for around 2 hours playing with toys in the premises of “Jete o Jete”. They were served with food, drinks and sweets. Beside toys, they had fun also with Cinderella. In their faces one could notice how excited they were for the time spent in this colorful center and the nice experience they had. One of the kids said it hopes to come back again because he enjoyed it a lot.

Also a similar event was held today for around 30 children of SOS Children’s Villages in Kosovo in the premises of Jete o Jete. This event was very welcomed for these children which had the opportunity to have fun and socialize with their peers.

The actress of well-known series “O sa mire” Ema Uka, which is also the coordinator of the CSR program in MDA, says it is a big pleasure to offer these kids the opportunity to have fun in an environment like this. “We as a company, which is part of the network for social responsibility in Kosovo, and I as public figure, are dedicated to contribute for the society in Kosovo,” says Ema. She added that this is the eighth activity that was organized for children of this organization and that always she enjoys working with them.

On the other hand, the representatives of kids center “Jete o Jete” says they are privileged to have contributed in organizing these events and provide the opportunity to children to have fun, by socializing with their peers. They pointed out that they will continue their commitment to organize similar events for children of these two organizations.